I.A. Naman + Associates, Inc.

American Airlines Campus

american airlines campus fort worth texas

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Floors: 7

Area: 1,700,000 sq. ft.

LEED: Gold

Completed: 2019

Project Manager: Thomas Barrow, P.E.

This 5 building campus will help American Airlines move into the 21st century and accommodate the increase in headcount after the merger with USAir. The campus is 100% open plan and features underfloor air distribution systems throughout, a 5,000 ton central plant with with expansion capabilities for a future building, 4kV, 12kV and 25kV primary electrical distribution systems and a very complex fire alarm and atrium smoke control system.

Project Highlights


Campus Features a 100% Open Design


Underfloor Air Distribution Systems Throughout


5,000 Ton Central Plant w/ Expansion Capabilities